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  • Organic European, American and Oriental Medicinal Formulas and Teas
  • Western and Oriental Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Hypnotherapy Classes, Training and Coaching
  • Oriental Medical Qigong
  • Individual and Group Meditation Classes
  • Energy Work and Guidance
  • Personalized Treatment Roadmap

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Oleh Cherednyk is a distinguished practitioner of Alternative Medicine with a lifelong passion for his craft.

His journey started in the late 80s in what is now Ukraine. In search of knowledge and wisdom Oleh has obtained permission to take pilgrimage to several remote Lamaist and Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia, Northern China, the Altai Mountains and Siberia.

For many years Oleh has studied the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Human Energy Anatomy and Inner Qigong under the supervision of several Teachers with lineages going back several centuries.

Throughout his professional career Oleh was able to perfect his skills and blend the knowledge and experience of the Eastern healing modalities with the Westerns hypnotherapy schools of thought. This allowed Oleh to help thousands of thankful patients in Germany, Ukraine, and the United States.

As a true professional of his craft, Oleh continues to share his experience and knowledge through teeaching classes and seminars in the areas of Inner Qigong, Meditation and Hypnotherapy.

In addition to practical experience Oleg holds formal PhD, MS and BS degrees as well as certifications from the US-accredited institutions.


  • Western and Oriental Herbology
  • Meditation and Eastern Medical Qigong
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Energy Work and Guidance


  • Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) - in progress, est. 2024

    American Academy of Health and Wellness (AAHW)

  • Naturopath, 2022

    American Association of Natural Wellness Professionals

  • Advanced Medicinal Herbalist (MH), 2022

    New Eden School Of Natural Health & Herbal Studies

  • Master Herbalist (MH), 2020

    New Eden School Of Natural Health & Herbal Studies

  • PhD in Alternative Medicine, 2019

    New Eden School Of Natural Health & Herbal Studies

  • PSc.D, 2019

  • MS Oriental Medicine, 2009

    Midwest College of Oriental Medicine

  • BS in TCM Nutrition and Acupuncture, 2008

    Midwest College of Oriental Medicine

  • ACI (Auricular Certification Institute), CA, 2008

    By Terry Oleson, PhD

  • Certified HypnoCoach, 2007

    National Guild of Hypnotists

  • ADS (Acudetox Specialist), 2006

    NADA - National Detoxification Association

  • Retreat and Initiation, AZ, 2005

    Miguel Flores Jr. of Pascaa Yaqui Tribe and Tohono O'odham Nation

  • Polinesian Retreat and Initiation, HI, 2005

    Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki, (Kahuna)

  • Certified Instructor, 2005

    National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Ordinated Minister, 2005

    Lively Stones Fellowship, Fl

  • Consulting Hypnotist, 2003

    Leidecker Hypnotherapy Institute

  • Doctor of Folk Medicine, 1998

    Folk Medicine Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • MS in Biology and Chemistry, 1993

    State Pedagogical Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine

Services and Classes

Exodus9 offers state of the art alternative medicine treatments. Wnen you are ready to learn the craft - classes and training seminars are available for all levels.


Classes - Hypnotherapy

Western and Eastern Hypnotherapy classes, Regression, Past Life Regression, Self-improvment, motivation

Classes - Meditation

Oriental Meditation Practices, Relaxation, Energy leveling, Astral Travel

Classes - Qigong

Oriental Inner Qigong, Alchemy, Chakral development

Service - Energy Work

Oriental Medical Qigong, Biofield correction, Advanced Energy work

Service - Hypnotherapy

Western and Eastern Hypnotherapy. Relaxation. Self- esteem. Motivation. Alcohol and Tobacco addiction help.

Service - Herbology

Herbology Formulas and Teas, over 1200+ formulas, 600 herbs. European, American, Eastern. Organic certified teas.

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