Classes - Meditation

You are in charge of your health and how you choose to live makes all the difference between being on point or being off balance. Qigong and Meditation training is focused on helping you achieve your psycho-emotional health. By using combination of powerful techniques created and refined for centuries by ancient Chinese, Toltecs, Shamans of Siberia, you will better your health and achieve self-control in any situation.

Ability to relax under pressure combined with closer control of your intuition will help you make the right decisions when it counts and will improve all aspects of your everyday life.

Our class schedule is ongoing, meaning that you can join the class at any time. However, our minimum courses work spans over 3 month allowing you sufficient time to practice under close supervision of our knowledgeable instructors.

Our students meet in small groups creating atmosphere that helps you get the most out of your individual experience. Students are encouraged to ask questions, explore and get comfortable in their practice routines.

Oleh Cherednyk, PhD, Psc.D

Alternative medicine, professional Oriental, European and North American herbology, Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Coaching, Medicinal Qigong and Energy work