Classes - Hypnotherapy

NGH Hypnosis Courses and Classes

Exodus9 provides educational programs in the field of Hypnotherapy. The programs are designed for students to master Hypnotherapy techniques to work independently or with other health care providers, as well as to acquire lifelong strategies, tips and tools that can be used in everyday life. We provide continuum services of career education with compassion, responsibility, creativity and quality.

We are pleased to offer the professional Hypnotherapy Certification program approved by National Guild of Hypnotherapists (NGH).

Hypnotherapy Certification Program is a training for someone who is interested in adding new hypnotherapeutic skills to another profession and/or wishing to develop a practice in hypnotherapy. This innovative training goes beyond the required curriculum, infused with extra knowledge of Medical Qigong energy-healing techniques.

The classes provide unique perspective that gives an edge to our students.

Additionally, Exodus9 offers several Advanced classes in Hypnotherapy that can be used as CEU units for the students.

Oleh Cherednyk, PhD, Psc.D

Alternative medicine, professional Oriental, European and North American herbology, Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Coaching, Medicinal Qigong and Energy work